2017 #SMSociety Theme: Social Media for Social Good or Evil

Our online behaviour is far from virtual–it extends our offline lives. Much social media research has identified the positive opportunities of using social media; for example, how people use social media to form support groups online, participate in political uprising, raise money for charities, extend teaching and learning outside the classroom, etc. However, mirroring offline experiences, we have also seen social media being used to spread propaganda and misinformation, recruit terrorists, live stream criminal activities, reinforce echo chambers by politicians, and perpetuate hate and oppression (such as racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic behaviour).

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Laurie Bonnici

Associate Professor
I'm developing an emerging theory of cognitive authority and quality information in OSM. It has been applied in OSM opinion post analysis. One new facet of the theory is representation of sentiment through the visual application of textual glyphs.
A recent stream of research in OSM examines hashtag use in highly specialized forums related to health information where the point of information seeking is when the user is in crisis.