2017 #SMSociety Theme: Social Media for Social Good or Evil

Our online behaviour is far from virtual–it extends our offline lives. Much social media research has identified the positive opportunities of using social media; for example, how people use social media to form support groups online, participate in political uprising, raise money for charities, extend teaching and learning outside the classroom, etc. However, mirroring offline experiences, we have also seen social media being used to spread propaganda and misinformation, recruit terrorists, live stream criminal activities, reinforce echo chambers by politicians, and perpetuate hate and oppression (such as racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic behaviour).

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Sunday, July 30

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#DistractinglySexy: How Social Media Was Used As A Counter Narrative On Gender In STEM [FULL] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr Labels And Sentiment In Social Media: On The Role Of Perceived Agency In Online Discussions Of The Refugee Crisis [FULL] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr Stance Classification Of Twitter Debates: The Encryption Debate As A Use Case [FULL] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr A Study Of Tweet Veracity: Separating Rumors From Counter-Rumors [FULL] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Angels And Devils Of Digital Social Norm Enforcement: A Theory About Aggressive Versus Civilized Online Comments [FULL] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Comparing Civility And Inclusiveness Of E-Discussion Forum And Radio Talk Platform [WIP] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr The Collaborative Construction And Evolution Of Pseudo-Knowledge In Online Conversations [FULL] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Branding Practices In The New(Er) Media: A Comparison Of Retailer Twitter And Web-Based Images [WIP] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Crisis And Collective Problem Solving In Dark Web: An Exploration Of A Black Hat Forum [WIP] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr The Political Economy Of Social Data. A Historical Analysis Of Platform–Industry Partnerships [WIP] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr TweetSight: Enhancing Financial Analysts' Social Media Use [FULL] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Investigating The Patterns And Prevalence Of UK Trade Unionism On Twitter [WIP] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr Retweets For Policy Advocates: Tweet Diffusion In The Policy Discussion Space Of Universal Basic Income [FULL] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr Social Media Use By Government In Canada: Examining Interactions Of Immigration, Refugees And Citizenship Canada On Twitter And Facebook [WIP] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr The Paris Climate Talks (COP21) In Visual Social Media [WIP] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr

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