2017 #SMSociety Theme: Social Media for Social Good or Evil

Our online behaviour is far from virtual–it extends our offline lives. Much social media research has identified the positive opportunities of using social media; for example, how people use social media to form support groups online, participate in political uprising, raise money for charities, extend teaching and learning outside the classroom, etc. However, mirroring offline experiences, we have also seen social media being used to spread propaganda and misinformation, recruit terrorists, live stream criminal activities, reinforce echo chambers by politicians, and perpetuate hate and oppression (such as racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic behaviour).

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Saturday, July 29

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Call To Retweet: Negotiated Diffusion Of Strategic Political Messages [FULL] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr Exploring The Perception Of Influencers Vs. Traditional Celebrities: Are Social Media Stars A New Type Of Endorser? [WIP] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr How Celebrities Feed Tweeples With Personal And Promotional Tweets [WIP] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr Measured Beauty: Exploring The Aesthetics Of Instagram’s Fashion Influencers [WIP] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr Free Pile Sort As A Method To Understand Gender Differences: An Ecological Model Of Social Media Use [WIP] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Rethinking Emotional Desensitization To Violence: Methodological And Theoretical Insights From Social Media Data [WIP] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr The ‘Paradigm Clash’ In Digital Labor Literature: Reconciling Critical Theory And Interpretive Approach To Empirical Research [WIP] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Twitter Issue Response Hashtags As Affordances For Momentary Connectedness [FULL] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Battlefront Volunteers: Mapping And Deconstructing Platform-Enabled Civilian Resilience Networks In Ukraine [FULL] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Identifying Political Topics In Social Media Messages: A Lexicon-Based Approach [FULL] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Is Twitter A Generalizable Public Sphere? A Comparison Of 2016 Presidential Campaign Issue Importance Among General And Twitter Publics [WIP] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Spiral Of Silence 2.0: Political Self-Censorship Among Young Facebook Users [FULL] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Growth And Inequality Of Participation In Online Communities: A Longitudinal Analysis [WIP] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr Me, Myselfie, And I: Individual And Platform Differences In Selfie Taking And Sharing Behavior [FULL] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr Motivations For Sharing News On Social Media [WIP] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr Public Friends And Private Sharing: Understanding Shifting Privacies In Sharing Culture [FULL] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Social Media To Grieve Following The Loss Of Pet [FULL] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr Examining Sentiments And Popularity Of Pro- And Anti-Vaccination Videos On Youtube [FULL] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr Promoting Hook-Ups Or Filling Sexual Health Information Gaps? Exploring Young People’s Sex Talk On Facebook [WIP] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr The Cognitive Benefits Of Social Media Use In Later Life: Results Of A Randomized, Controlled Pilot Study [WIP] TRS 1-073 - 7th Flr Challenging Music Education: The Transformative Potential Of Social Media [WIP] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Glyphexts (Glyphs + Text = Effect) As Information Divide: Screen Reader Impact On Interpreting Sentimentality In Online Social Media Review Posts [WIP] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Information Flow On Digital Social Networks During A Cultural Event: Methodology And Analysis Of The “European Night Of Museums 2016” On Twitter [FULL] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Translation, Social Media, And The Concept Of Augmentation: The Good, The Bad, And The Interdisciplinary [WIP] TRS 1-075 - 7th Flr Facebook Escapism And Online Political Participation [WIP] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Is No Election News Good News? The 2015 Canadian Election And Locally Relevant News On Twitter [WIP] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Social Media, U.S. Presidential Campaigns, and Public Opinion Polls: Disentangling Effects [WIP] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Strategic Temporality On Social Media During The General Election Of The 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign [FULL] TRS 1-147 - 7th Flr Clickwrap Impact: Quick-Join Options And Ignoring Privacy And Terms Of Service Policies Of Social Networking Services [WIP] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr Context Collapse And Student Social Media Networks: Where Life And High School Collide [WIP] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr What Is Your Data Silhouette? Raising Teen Awareness Of Their Data Traces In Social Media [WIP] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr ‘My Data, My Bad …’ - Young People’s Personal Data Understandings And (Counter)Practices [WIP] TRS 1-077- 7th Flr

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